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Dalian Metro opened the service of mobile phone scanning code crossing
2018-08-30 17:29:23

    On August 28th, Dalian Metro Group opened the mobile payment function in the subway lines 1, 2, and 12, and took the lead in the era of “mobile payment crossing”.
    In the future, when passengers take the Dalian Metro, they only need to hold a mobile phone to enter and exit the subway station. Passengers only need to download the "Dalian Metro e Travel" app and bind a UnionPay card. They can pay by the phone scan code to achieve a second pass. With the opening of this service, it has satisfied the green travel of the majority of tourists, increased the traffic rate and eased the traffic pressure.
    In addition, Dalian Metro Group will actively develop and apply biometric recognition technology for face recognition to further improve people's travel efficiency.