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Round 22mm Wet NFC Inlays
Product Name: Round 22mm Wet NFC Inlays
NFC Chip: Ntag203/213/215/216
Frequency: 13.56MHz
Protocol: ISO14443A
Size: Round 22mm or others
Thickness: 0.21mm or customized

Wet inlay and dry inlay are the simplest and cheapest NFC tag. Wet NFC inlays is adhesive backing and act like stickers. Dry NFC inlays without adhesive are used as components for larger products.

Different shapes and sizes are offered for wet/dry nfc inlays, with different face materials as well as with and without adhesive. The shapes for wet/dry nfc inlays are round, rectangle and square. Large wet/dry nfc inlays have better reading performance while smaller wet/dry nfc inlays are more easily concealed on or within a product.

Wet/dry inlays are relatively fragile so not suitable for projects that require maximum durability or long term exposure to severe environments. If you need a durable tag, then you should consider an NFC Token. And if you need flexible size and shape or require an adhesive compatible on metal surfaces, then you should choose NFC stickers.