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NFC NTAG 215 Adhesive Anti-metal Tag
Product Name: NFC NTAG215 Adhesive Anti-metal Tag
Option Chips: Ntag203/213/215/216
Anti Mental: Can be anti mental
Antenna: Aluminum or double copper antenna
Surface Material: Waterproof PVC or PET (chemical and heating resistance) or Paper, Epoxy etc.
Round Size: 15/18/20/22/23/25/29/30/32/38/40/50mm etc.
Square Size: 19/25/29/30/35/38/50mm etc.
Rectangle Size: 15*20/24*34/25*38/30*35/42*26/44*55/50*80/54*85.5/55*85 etc.
Printing: Custom 4 color logo printing or white sticker, wet inlay
Crafts: Number printing (Serial No & Chip UID etc), QR, Barcode etc
Applications: NFC mobile payment, NFC electronic intelligence posters, Electronic ticket, Production identification, NFC electronic sign in, Library management etc.